Areas Served
by Smith Chiropractic & Wellness

Central Hub in New Brighton, PA

Rooted in the heart of New Brighton, PA, Smith Chiropractic & Wellness has established itself as a trusted health partner for residents seeking chiropractic and wellness care. Our central location enables easy access for clients residing in and around New Brighton, PA, ensuring comprehensive care is always within reach.

Join the multitude of satisfied clients from across the tri-state area, and discover the unparalleled care offered at Smith Chiropractic & Wellness. Embrace a holistic approach to health. To get started, call (724) 888-6853 or submit your inquiries through our contact form.

Expanding Wellness Across the Tri-State Area

Our dedication to fostering a healthier community goes beyond Beaver County. We proudly serve clients across a vast expanse. Our expertise in chiropractic adjustments, nutrition health coaching, and more is sought by residents from all over the tri-state area, and we can perform SAME-DAY DOT PHYSICALS for anyone in the United States. Stop by today or call us at 724-888-6853.

Commitment to Regional Health and Well-Being

Smith Chiropractic & Wellness is not just a chiropractic center; it’s a beacon of wellness for the entire tri-state region. Each town and community we serve benefits from our holistic approach to health, ensuring that people have access to premier chiropractic care. Whether you’re from Pennsylvania, Ohio, or West Virginia, we’re here to serve your wellness needs.